IVM Certified

We are proud to announce that we are the largest and only AUDITED and VERIFIED home delivery product in Mexico. With our newest certification we now offer the same achievements of any AAM certified distribution.

In Vehicle GPS

State of the art in vehicle GPS that monitors in real time vital and crucial information on the location and times of delivery. Our client portal allows you to see exactly where and when your advertising is being delivered.

24 Hour Security Surveillance

State of the art surveillance cameras that are available both locally and remotely via our iOS app. Motion sensors, fire, smoke and glass break technology assure that your inserts and advertising are always well protected.

Latest Distribution Maps

Working with Coordenada Movil, Mexican Government’s INEGI and Secretaria de Economia, La Bolsa Azul assures the best and most current maps and economic data that are available to construct our distribution areas.

La Bolsa Azul Distribution Areas

100,000 Tijuana Audited Circulation
30,000 Mexicali Audited Circulation
30,000 San Diego Circulation
30,000 Expansion Ensenada Circulation
30,000 Expansion Rosarito Circulation
150,000 Expansion Texas, Arizona Circulation

Border Region Facts

170 Average dollars spent per trip per person
5,000,000,000 Dollars spent in San Diego County annually
16 Tax Rate in Tijuana and Mexicali
14,000,000 Dollars spent daily in San Diego by Mexicans